Saturday, February 8, 2014

Jacksen's 7th Birthday

7 years! What more can I say.  We love Jacks so much.  He is smart, cleaver, and witty.  He has some of the most odd, but adorably funny things to say!  He is a fun, but also sweet and tenderhearted.  Love you Jacks!

Jacks also begged for a friend party this year.  So he invited 2 of his best friends over and took them swimming.  Since I was in charge of the girl Spa Party the day before, I told Matt he was in charge of the boy Swimming Party.  And as you can see, we have no pictures to document the friend party.  But I do think the boys had fun.  When Jacks was saying family prayers tonight he thanked Heavenly Father for having such a great birthday.

Jemma's 5th Birthday

Jemma turned 5 on February 4, 2014.

I can't believe she is so big!  It seems like yesterday that I was bringing her home from the hospital.  Our lives definitely wouldn't be complete without this little spitfire.  She loves to dance, laugh, and sing.  She adores her brothers and knows exactly how to keep them in line.  She is so smart and just plain ole' adorable.  Happy Birthday Jemma!

When I asked Jemma what she wanted for her birthday she replied, "All things Frozen!"  So she got a Frozen Elsa nightgown, and Frozen character figurines.  She also requested an Elsa cake.  I did the best I could and convinced her that Elsa was standing on top of the snowy mountain just before she makes her ice castle.  It works, right?

Jemma also begged for a friend birthday party.  She wanted it Frozen, but settled for a Spa Party.  I think she and her friends had a pretty fun time, especially since we held the party while the boys were in school.

Random Things of No Interest That My Kids Say

Jacks: "You are going to be sent to Satan"  I don't know where he got this.  I certain have never said anything remotely close to him like this.

Jacks: "Too bad Jesus died."
Me: "Why did you say that?"
Jacks: "Well, I don't know.  Just thought I would remind myself of that."

I took Bennett to the Olive Garden to eat.  He wanted to have desert, so I told him to make sure and eat his spaghetti.  As he pushed his half eaten plate of noodles aside I said, "Oh so you are not going to get desert?"  He looked confused so I pointed in the direction of his plate and said, "You didn't eat too much."  Bennett smiled big, "Listen Lady, I have two sides to my tummy.  The side for healthy stuff, which is full, and the side for sugar, which is telling me it needs desert!"

On July 20, 2013 Jacks rode his bike without training wheels.  He was beyond excited, especially since he did it in front of all his cousins who cheered him on.

You know you've been dealing with too many electronic devices when you are reading an actual paper book and keep tapping on the side of the page to make it turn.

September 21, 2013 we woke up to a loud bang!  I didn't quite know what to make of it, and then a few minutes later an even louder bang that jolted the house.  Matt wondered if the trusses were falling down in our attic.  I was thinking someone ran their car into the house.  Then it dawned on me that it was probably an earthquake!  When I looked it up on the Internet, sure enough a 4.3 earthquake had originated in Ft. Waskakie about 15 miles from here.  It was a little scary.

During Christmas time while we were in Grace, I was getting ready in the bathroom.  I tip toed to the living room in my shirt and underwear.  I had forgot my jeans.  I was pretty sure Tom had left the house, but whispered to Jacks "Grandpa's not here right? Cause that would be pretty embarrassing if he saw me in my underwear."  Jacks replied, "Well you should cover up because that is pretty embarrassing to see you like that!"

October 18, 2013:  Feeling pretty good about myself.  Bennett: "You smell like the wind in the air" (as he wiggles his eyebrows at me)  Jacks: "You are a beautiful lady.  your hair looks like honey." (as he's sniffing me).  Kind of creepy, kind of nice.

Jacks: "I want to be a rock star and make myself irresistible!"

Jacks: "I saw a rat at ACE! It escaped the cage!"  Bennett: "Mom, give me some matches! I'm about to light his pants on fire!"

On the way to a friends birthday party, Jemma says, "Everyones gonna love me, right?" Me: "Why's that?" "Cause I'm so cute.  I wouldn't be cute if I had flat hair, right?" 

Random Pictures of Interest

1. Bennett learned how to blow bubbles for his science project.  I was unaware until after I came up with the idea that he didn't know how to do this.

2.  Jacks likes to stuff his blankets up his shirt to sleep.  I don't know.

 3. The kids and I took our annual trip to Tauphus Park Zoo while in Idaho

 4.  Jemma and I had a slumber party while the boys went camping.  I know this is an unflattering picture of myself, but I will sacrifice my pride since it's a cute picture of Jemma.

5.  The kids and I started a garden, and Matt killed it when we went to Utah for a week.

6. The boys went through a stage where they were loosing teeth like crazy.  2 teeth each in 2 days.

 7.  The cousins made an airplane and were playing quietly downstairs.  The quiet part rarely happens so we were excited to know that it is possible.

8.  Jacks can fit a large stick in his mouth.  I am ecstatic to find this out.

New Year's Day

"Ahhh! The life of a kid is not too boring."

New Years Eve we took the kids to the new Disney movie "Frozen". We loved it. This was Jemma's second time seeing it, and she is now addicted to Elsa...and all things Frozen. After the movie we headed home to bed. It was kind of lateish...10:30. We were rudely awakened from our slumber at midnight when the town of Lander decided to set off fireworks. The next morning we went ice fishing at Boysen Reservoir.  It was COLD.  The wind was blowing, and it was not fun.  I didn't spend much time out on the ice.  When the kids finally were done, I took Jacks to the truck to warm up.  I turned the truck seat warmers on and the heat up full blast.  Jacks was pretty content with his situation.  Once everyone started packing up to head home, the wind died down and it was quite pleasant (relatively speaking).  We headed home and thankfully the kids were tuckered out and went to bed without complaint.  Happy New Year!


So the theme of this post is my bad "capturing the moment" abilities. I didn't take many pictures. In fact, I forgot my camera in Idaho when we left for home and I didn't have my camera for Christmas Day. Sad.

We started our Christmas celebrations off by heading to Grace, Idaho. Matt and I took the opportunity to leave our kids with grandma and grandpa. They took the kids to school with them and let them join the parties with the other kids. Matt and I went to Logan, Utah to do a little last minute shopping. It's amazing how Matt's wallet comes more easily out of his pocket when he doesn't have kids around nagging him for stuff. I might have done a little more than intended, but Matt wasn't telling me "No" so I took advantage. We made it back to Grace for dinner. The next day we took the kids swimming at Lava Hot Springs. Only the hot pools were open. They didn't last long in the hot water, so we headed home to wait for the arrival of Tyler, Katie, and their kids. That night we had our early Christmas with the Washburns.  It was fun to be with family and see the kids so excited.

 The next morning, December 21st, my birthday, we headed to Shelley to spend the day with Heather, Jason and the kids. We went sledding at the dirt hills. Dirt being the word. There was a little bit of snow on one hill that all the kids were having fun on. On the other side were mounds of dirt that Bennett took the sled over to. He plowed down them face first creating as much mess as possible. Only Bennett could attract so much dirt on his body in the snow. That night, Heather had found a babysitter. We left all the kids with the unsuspecting babysitter and went to dinner at Johnny Carinos. Then we wandered around Sportsman Warehouse and Wal-Mart for a couple of hours. What can I say, we are party animals. The next morning we had to leave for home. However, we stopped by to visit with Grandma Betty before we left. It was great to see her and I'm amazed that at 90 years old she is still all there and enjoys talking and visiting with us.

Christmas Eve we prepared for Christmas. I was a little worn out so Bennett actually made and baked the cookies for Santa.  Nice, he now has a designated job for next year. We were invited by the Plaistead's to eat dinner with them. We tortured the kids on the drive home. They wanted to get home to open a present so Matt and I decided to drive around and look at lights. Every time we took a turn that took us away from our house, they would shriek and scream. It was so much fun for Matt and I. We finally made it home and opened our Christmas pajamas. We then watched a Nativity movie from the lds website and then read our scriptures. It was so nice and pleasant to be in our nice warm house, snuggled in with our family, spending time reflecting on Jesus' birth.

 Christmas morning the kids allowed us to sleep in until 7am. This seems to happen more often than not. I remember when I was young. Michelle, Heather, and I had the hardest time sleeping. We would continually wake up and sneak into my parents room to ask if it was time to open presents. 2am, 3am, 4am, finally around 6am my parents would finally let us go out to the tree to open presents. I don't know what's wrong with my kids, but I'll take it! After we opened presents, had our breakfast hash, played with our toys and lounged around, then decided to go sledding. Once the sun started to go down, it got a mite too cold so we headed home to leftover breakfast hash and a family movie to watch. I remember say to Matt that this was a great Christmas. And it was. The kids were happy, and we spent our time enjoying each others company. Nothing can compare to that!

The Nutcracker

Jemma performed in Lander's local production of The Nutcracker.

She was so excited. She loves everything about dancing and being on stage. She especially loved her costume this year. Her ballet instructor does such a good job with this production.

I was so excited to see her do so well and to see her so happy doing it.  There were moments on the stage when she could barely contain her smiles and giggles!


This year was our first Thanksgiving in our own house. It was also the first year I attempted in making a Thanksgiving dinner, and an apple pie.  Everything was surprisingly delicious and the apple pie was beyond edible.  Quite an accomplishment.  I must divulge, however, I did have a little help from Grandma Beth.  It was an enjoyable day.The kids love having grandma and grandpa come.

And yes, that is our Christmas tree already up.  We put it up the Saturday before.  I know that it's a travesty to do so before Thanksgiving, but the kids nagging finally won out...and I kind of was ready for it.